OpenSSF Best Practices Working Group (WG)

This is a list of materials (documents, services, and so on) released by the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) Best Practices Working Group (WG).


Note: You can also see the larger list of Guides released by the OpenSSF.

Educational materials

Secure Software Development Fundamentals Courses - a course for software developers focusing on the fundamentals of developing secure software (open source software or proprietary software).

OSS Project Evaluation

Future work

The OpenSSF Best Practices WG is working on many more materials, such as more educational materials through our education special interest group (SIG), compiler hardening guides, guidance about memory safety through our memory safety SIG, and so on.

Please join the OpenSSF Best Practices working group if you’re interested in helping!

Please also see the main OpenSSF website to learn more about the OpenSSF.