GitLab Configuration Best Practices


GitLab is a collaborative source code management platform that plays a critical role in modern software development, providing a central repository for storing, managing, and versioning source code as well as collaborating with a community of developers. However, it also represent a potential security risk if not properly configured. In this guide, we will explore the best practices for securing GitLab, covering topics that include user authentication, access control, permissions, monitoring, logging, and integrating security tools.


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  1. Two-Factor Authentication Should Be Enforced For The Group
  2. Forking of Repositories to External Namespaces Should Be Disabled
  3. Group Should Enforce Branch Protection
  4. Webhooks Should Be Configured To Use SSL

Members, Access Control and Permissions

  1. Two Factor Authentication Should Be Enabled for Collaborators
  2. Two Factor Authentication Should Be Enabled for External Collaborators
  3. Admininistrators Should Have Activity in the Last 6 Months


  1. Project Should Be Updated At Least Quarterly
  2. Default Branch Should Require Code Review
  3. Project Should Require All Pipelines to Succeed
  4. Repository Should Not Allow Review Requester To Approve Their Own Request
  5. Default Branch Should Be Protected
  6. Default Branch Should Not Allow Force Pushes
  7. Default Branch Should Require Code Review By At Least Two Reviewers
  8. Merge Request Authors Should Not Be Able To Override the Approvers List
  9. Project Should Have Fewer Than Three Owners
  10. Webhook Configured Without SSL Verification
  11. Project Should Require All Conversations To Be Resolved Before Merge
  12. Default Branch Should Require All Commits To Be Signed
  13. Repository Should Not Allow Committer Approvals
  14. Default Branch Should Limit Code Review to Code-Owners
  15. Forking Should Not Be Allowed
  16. Default Branch Should Require New Code Changes After Approval To Be Re-Approved


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